A Transfer of Power

Below are notes to a sermon preached Sunday morning, Jan. 21, 2001, at Gospel Light Baptist Church, Albany, Georgia. 


By Michael D. O’Neal            Pastor, Gospel Light Baptist Church           Albany, Georgia

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 4:17-32
Text: Ephesians 4:24
Ephesians 4:24 And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.
Introduction: Yesterday, Jan. 20, 2001, there was a transfer of power, as George W. Bush became the 43rd President of the United States. I am glad that he was elected. I voted for him. I encourage all of you to pray for him.
I am going to make some remarks about both presidents in this message. These are only for the purpose of illustrating the truth I am preaching today. My message is not primarily about the political change, but the inauguration made me think of one of the greatest truths the Christian must learn if he is to serve God:
Before you are saved, you have one nature, a fleshly, earthly nature. When you get saved, you receive a NEW nature, a spiritual, heavenly nature. The first nature is the result of being born of man. The second nature is the result of being born of God. The Bible refers to the earthly nature as the OLD man, and the heavenly nature as the NEW man.
In order to serve God and live for him as you should, you must realize that you have two natures and resolve DAILY to follow the NEW nature. A new convert said to me yesterday, “Preacher, I am NOT going back to my old ways.” I am glad for his determination. However, each one of you has to make a DAILY choice to follow the NEW man. You will have to do this as long as you live. This is not done in order to be SAVED, for that was settled the day you trusted Christ and were born again. It is done in order to SERVE.


Most Americans, even those who gave President Clinton a high approval rating for his WORK, felt that he was an immoral man. In my opinion, he was the most corrupt, wicked man to hold the office in my lifetime. Now, don’t let me lose you with that comment, but your OLD man, your old, flesh nature is corrupt and wicked. When you trusted Christ, it did not leave. It’s still there. If you give in to it, you will do the same things you did when you were lost.
Colossians 3:8-9 But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth. 9 Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;
Likenesses between the deeds of the old, sinful nature and President Clinton are not intentional:

A. The old man was fiery

  • Short-tempered and short-used
  • Always ready to give a piece of his mind
  • Definition of a split-second: the time it takes from the turning of the traffic light to green to the guy’s blowing his car horn behind you.

B. The old man was false

  • Lying
  • Deceitful

C. The old man was filthy

  • In thoughts
  • In talk
  • In deeds


At the inauguration there was not a great deal of difference between the outgoing and incoming men.
However, there should be a great difference between the appearance of the old nature and the new nature.
The nature is dressed, adorned, or revealed by:

A. Your looks

B. Your life

C. Your lips

D. Your love

E. Your laughter



The election of this President was by one of the closest margins in the history of our country. That the incumbent party lost power in the White House is unusual, in that the nation has been enjoying a good economy and there has been relative freedom from war.
I believe that one of the main reasons that Bush got elected was that many Americans were sick of the moral corruption and the previous lying, filthy character of the occupant of the White House. Gore, as the Vice President under Bill Clinton was associated with that type of character. Before and during the campaign, he displayed his inability to tell the truth, and it bothered a lot of voters.
You should be displeased with your old nature because of

A. His essence

  • Wicked
  • Selfish
  • Hateful
  • Hurtful
  • Anti-God

B. His effects on others

  • Your spouse
  • Your children
  • Your nephews, nieces, cousins, grandchildren, and others who look up to you

C. His expense – he may cost you

  • Your home
  • Your health
  • Your happiness


Ephesians 4:22 That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts;

A. This can be done by a putting away in divorce

  • Although the old man is put OFF in Eph. 4:22, when you read further in the chapter you will see the expression “put AWAY” in Eph. 4:25.

B. This can be done by a passing away in death

  • The old nature was crucified POSITIONALLY on Calvary.
  • However, it needs to be put to death PRACTICALLY on a daily basis in your Christian life.

C. This can be done by a perpetual deliberation

  • That is, to give up the old man, with his deeds, is a daily choice that YOU, the Christian make.
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